What Is a RACI Chart? Heres Everything You Need To Know

At it’s most basic, a RACI chart is a way to ensure people at your organization know who is responsible for what. It clearly outlines exactly what each person is in charge of so that there’s no confusion when deliverables are due. Tackle complex projects with Wrike’s award-winning project management software. Break projects into simple steps, assign tasks to team members, and visualize progress with Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendars.

This helps project managers visualize workload balance, so they can see if any team member has too much — or too little — on their plate. Finally, check in with your team and any involved stakeholders to go over your RACI chart. Review all the roles and tasks and make sure everything is on the same page.

What are the disadvantages of a RACI matrix?

Whether you’ve never heard of RACI before or you’re considering creating a RACI chart for your next project, here’s everything you need to know about how to create and use these charts. Absolutely, and in fact you’ll usually want more than a single responsible party — otherwise your RACI chart is essentially communicating that a project’s work will be done by just one person. When filling out the responsible role in your RACI chart, look at your project team and include everyone who’ll be working on actually closing project tasks. Usually, a project manager — or someone acting in their stead — will draft a RACI chart at the beginning of a project, before any work has taken place.

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Consulted – Those who are Consulted are there to help the Responsible person finish tasks with success. These people can be consultants in their respective field that bring valuable subject matter expertise to the project. Responsible persons will use Consulted for advice, opinions, help, or experience relevant to the project. You and a few colleagues have been assigned to a large and important project. You’ve assigned one as your assistant, leaving the other 8 to manage tasks and fieldwork.

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Or no one at all focuses on a critical project and accountability suffers. Then, with a project schedule template, you would map out the timeline for your project and consider due dates, milestones, and other important factors. Considering that Agile processes such as sprints require a lot of effort in a short space of time, you want to make sure everyone is moving in the same direction from the start. With the Wrike RACI model template, you can quickly and easily determine whether any team member has more than their fair share of work to complete and address the inequality accordingly. One of the most significant challenges with any major project is ensuring an even workload across the board.

  • The first step is to compile a list of everyone involved in the project.
  • With project management software, every task has an assignee—that’s the Responsible.
  • Moreover, RACI roles help ensure that communication between all roles is ongoing.
  • Finally, you can use Wrike’s RACI model template to streamline communication, as every project detail is clearly visualized for all team members.
  • That’s going to give you a whole lot more freedom as you work.‍Creating the tasks before you start assigning them allows you to work out what needs to be done without getting distracted.
  • Then there are those who must be consulted and those who must be informed.

Instead of creating the perfect matrix, stay realistic and understand that a project often turns out differently than planned. Naturally, it’s important to be flexible as a team, but it’s important not to shift the responsibilities and roles around too much. The RACI Matrix or RACI chart can be used to have good insight into the various participants of the project and their individual responsibilities during a (complex) project. Additionally, if you attempt to write out each task and each role, your RACI chart can get bulky.

Identify All of Your Roles & Responsibilities Using Enterprise Process Center® (EPC)

When you’re ready to get started make sure that you talk with everyone that is part of your team. You want to be sure that your team knows who all they are working with and just what they need to do. Explain to them how the process is going to work and what tasks need raci defintion to be accomplished. If you have to meet with anyone as part of the team you want to be sure they know what’s happening and when. All of these things can be done through the RACI chart and your Instagantt chart.‍Be sure that you assign tasks following the RACI method.

Creating a RACI chart or one of the several alternatives is one thing, but putting all the moving pieces together and setting up a reliable system for ongoing project success is another. For instance, some may only require you to specify who’s responsible and accountable. Spending too much time thinking about these questions can prevent you from getting a quick start on your project and leave you bogged down in the planning process.

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When you see this, it’s important to identify the potential problem and reassign work appropriately. With project management software, every task has an assignee—that’s the Responsible. You can see work on the project level, so the Accountable and Informed don’t have to check in via email or status meetings. And, for any approvals you need from your Consulted, you can track reviews and approvals in one place. That way, your entire RACI team has a central source of truth for all of the work being done.

raci defintion

Gartner states, “Many important organizational initiatives begin without agreeing on decision authority. This oversight often becomes a painful discovery process—causing unneeded anxiety and frustration” (full report available to Gartner clients only). Kicking off a project effort by creating a RACI diagram is one of the best possible ways to eliminate this painful discovery process. First, make a list of all the work that needs to be done for your project down the left side of your RACI chart.

RACI Chart: Definition, guide and examples

If you’re consulted on a task, using a tool that has a quick chat feature is really helpful. You can integrate with Slack in Hive, or just use Hive’s native chat functionality. When the responsible party needs to call on you for assistance, they can quickly drag a task into the chat window to prompt a conversation. Start a Zoom meeting right from a Hive chat with the “/zoom” command. Each task and each column in the RACI Matrix must allow for a clear responsibility and decision.

raci defintion

Make sure that it’s publically available — the project management tool you’re using to run your project is a great place to keep it. The responsible person in a RACI chart is the one actually doing the work to bring a project or task to a close. We’ve all been on a project where it wasn’t clear who was in charge or what everyone’s contributions were supposed to be.

Your guide to RACI charts, with examples

Discuss the filled-in RACI matrix with everyone of the project team, the sponsors, and all relevant stakeholders. For instance it is possible that the executive sponsor wants to be the one to meet the client to gain approval or discuss the requirements. It’s often the case that the role of Accountable is not part of the RACI Matrix. In that case, it is assumed this characteristic is joined with that of Responsible.

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