RACI Chart: Definitions, Uses And Examples For Project Managers

A RACI chart—also known as a RACI matrix or responsibility assignment matrix—is a simple diagram used in project management to map task roles and responsibilities. That makes a RACI chart seem redundant for this method and possibly a poor use of a project manager’s time. First, make sure raci document meaning you have a list of everyone who will be involved in the project. Then, make a list of tasks for the project and create a preliminary timeline. The next step is to identify which team members are responsible, accountable, consulted or informed for each of the steps of the project.

  • Choose a simple, customizable template to ensure that it is as useful as possible for all team and project types.
  • For example, you may have “project manager” listed as a role, which suggests that whoever holds that position will execute the project manager’s responsibilities.
  • The RAM method of project management allows team members to understand why the tasks they’re doing are important in the big picture.
  • Note that it lists only the names of those responsible in the first line, without indicating positions or functions.
  • RACI charts are also particularly helpful when the decision-making process is split between tasks.
  • Consulted individuals’ opinions are crucial, and their feedback needs to be considered at every step of the game.

We covered what a RACI chart is and what it is not, and we’ve given you some pro tips and ways to avoid common pitfalls. You should now know that the RACI chart is a powerful tool to establish clarity of expectations, remove role confusion, and improve the decision-making process. That’s why we rely on team members with the project management skills necessary to reign in the disparate pieces of a project and focus directly on keeping them organized as a project progresses.

Your guide to RACI charts, with examples

That way, you won’t end up in a situation where silos develop and a few individuals bear the burden of most of the work. In addition to setting up the conditions for project success, RACI charts can also help leadership reduce the risk of individual employee burnout. With a RACI matrix, also known as a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM), every team member will know exactly what they should be doing at all times. You should also find ways to limit the number of both Responsible and Consulted individuals. When you have too many Rs, it may not be clear who exactly should do what—and that’s how you end up with tasks that end up by the wayside because no one takes responsibility.

TeamGantt makes it easy to build a project plan your whole team can contribute to and collaborate on, with RACI assignments built right in. And because everything happens online, you can stay on top of deadlines and keep up with project progress in real time. Here’s a sample RACI chart for a project that involves delivering a slide deck for an upcoming presentation the marketing manager is giving. In this RACI matrix example, we’ve assigned RACI roles to 7 key team members.

Team Charter Templates in Word & ClickUp

Not having project roles and responsibilities set in place leads to a myriad of project management-related issues—schedule delays, scaling costs, and lower performance, just to name a few. While making a key decision is a part of the project management process, it’s not the whole journey. The RACI framework outlines who should do a task, who to keep in the loop, and who gets the final say.

This helps solidify the commitment of the person in their role on the RACI matrix. Feel free to group tasks by project phase like we’ve done in the RACI chart example below. To build a RACI matrix in Excel, simply follow these 5 steps, using the examples below as your guide. In cases like these, don’t worry about taking the extra step of creating a RACI matrix. Just be sure you have a clear plan in place to guide your team and project.

Zoho Projects

Enter each project task, milestone, or decision in column A of your Excel worksheet. But it’s especially helpful when tasks require multiple resources, run concurrently, or depend on other tasks. This simple chart gives you an at-a-glance view of RACI meanings and how many people to assign to each role in your RACI matrix.

That’s because RACI charts outline the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved, so hammering this out early is crucial for project success. Some teams find the roles designated through the RACI model aren’t the right fit for their projects. You might find better options in these less common alternatives—all use a chart with tasks and stakeholders like RACI, but they use different terms in an attempt to more clearly define roles. With that in mind, teams should be cognizant of the initial time investment of creating a RACI chart and the rigidity of the roles.

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Also sometimes called a RASIC chart, this RACI alternative adds one extra role into the responsibility assignment mix. While this role covers anyone who will lend the Responsible person a hand with the work, a Supportive team member isn’t responsible for the outcome. Each letter in the RACI acronym defines the level of responsibility each person involved in a project will have on an individual task, milestone, or decision.

raci document meaning

Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, professional, and financial goals. Are you an Excel or Google Sheets user looking to take advantage of the RACI matrix? An Excel-formatted template from Project Management Docs can be just the solution for you. This template is a great template for users who want a chart that comes in a pre-formatted structure.

When to Use RACI

This should be one person whenever possible so as to avoid confusion and slow decision-making. I have the responsibility for tasks but not the authority needed to complete them. Starting with column B, label each column header with the name of a team member and/or project role. This is someone who participates in doing the work of a task by supporting the responsible parties. Responsible parties are typically on the project team and are usually developers or other creators.

raci document meaning

The RACI chart, on the other hand, is only a simple visual of the different roles and responsibilities across major project tasks. TeamGantt makes mapping task roles and responsibilities simple by building a RACI chart right into your project plan. Not only does that save you time and paperwork, but it also ensures everyone always has easy access to your RACI matrix online.

Step 2: Add team members or project roles across row 1

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